Sales Genie



Can i upgrade the plan from basic to advance version in between?

Yes, you can.


What additional features we have in advance plan?

It has more users, advanced reports and more bulk emailing.


Is customization possible?

Yes, it is very much possible. The quote will be shared with the customers for the same.


Does it have a data backup option in case mobile get stolen or damaged?

Yes, it can be done from our end.


will there be updates on app, or it will automatically update?

It will automatically update.


If there are 3 users A, B and C can they view each other data?

No, the data is restricted to each of them.


How many product and categories i can upload?

You cannot upload any data and category. The only product description is possible, which will come under customization.


Can we still track employees when the internet is off?

No. Location services need to be on with internet to track the employees.


Are there any separate charges for email sending?

No, there are no separate charges for email sending.


What support DNA gives in case of you have any query?

We have a dedicated phone number and email support. Our support timing will be from Monday to Friday
10:00am to 5:30pm.