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Sales Genie - How It Works!

Sales Genie - Is an android based sales employee tracking app with web-based admin panel to track GPS location of sales employee and manage their day activities by capturing updated and authentic data from point of execution. To ensure sales employee tracking becomes so easy for the employers so that they can focus on right things for the growth. Our sales employee tracking app covers almost all the tasks which a sales executive does daily like meeting customers, giving samples, taking orders, collecting payments, taking feedback, putting advertisement material at customers place and much more.

Improve your sales and service team performance with Sales Genie - GPS tracking for sales reps. The depth of sales analytics and reporting provided by Sales Genie guarantees that your most valuable investment- your sales team - is performing at the their best and gives you the data to make big decisions.

When your sales employees check in and out of customer visits with the app, their locations are recorded, the duration of the visit is calculated, and details are mapped out in real time. This not only lets you stay connected with your team, but also helps you better plan and manage your sales team, territories, and schedules.

Sales employee can enter the Order details which is placed by the client directly using the App and the order is made available in real-time to the head-office/branch-office/sales manager. No more delay in getting daily order details. Outside sales employees and managers can easily pull sales performance reports with the information that is tracked real-time in Sales Genie. This means advanced sales analytics, with almost no additional time for the sales employee or sales manager.

Sales Genie

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